Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Perennials and things

Each year my perennials return in their own time. As winter is passing, I look for them and wonder where they are hiding and how they fared the winter cold. When tender green shoots start pushing through the soil I welcome my old friends once more with a special reverence and joy and hope for another season of riotous beauty.

Lavender lilacs hedge around my house and make a backdrop for my yard. The flowers hang like Chinese lanterns. So sweetly fragrant, they welcome spring looking every bit as luscious as a ripe bunch of grapes.

I was wrestling with the ivy and wild morning glory and wild grape vines that have woven themselves through my front garden bed when I stopped for a moment and saw the beauty they had created. I stepped back surprised that what I saw as a nuisance and was trying so hard to uproot had such awesome beauty when viewed with the right state of mind. I grabbed my camera to catch the moment and now I look at my vines in a new light. I purchased a wire trellis so that my vines can weave more beauty in my garden.

I love my yucca's rich white flowers reaching to the tallest heights of the garden in late spring. Now that summer has arrived, the yucca blooms are falling. So beautiful for such a short time. Flowers teach us to treasure the seasons and the times of our lives.

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anajz said...

Beautiful photos Joy. I miss my lilac bush hedge at the old lake house.

I have a little something for you over at my place!

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