Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Every Morning...

God's mercies are new every morning and his faithfulness endures forever. 

It's time for a new garden season! I am sure many of you have been planning for months. Last year, as a newby gardener, or rather a returning gardener, I got a very late start planting my first plants and seeds in late June. This year, though later than the real garden troupers, I am starting earlier. 

I have ordered two more raised garden beds. Last year I started with one raised bed which was 4 feet by eight feet and 22 inches high. I am going to break down last years bed and tranform it into three 4 by 4 beds, 11 inches high, then add two more 4 by 4 beds for a total of 5 beds. This will give me 80 square feet of gardening space. Last year I had 32 square feet of raised bed gardening space so this will almost triple my capacity. 

I am counting on my basset puppy Michelle and her cohort Max (also a basset, but more mature) staying out of the beds. I had built the one last year 22 inches tall to keep them out. Crossing my fingers that we all get along! LOL.

Please let me know how your spring gardens are going by adding your comments here. I am sure many of you are already enjoying some spring greens and maybe even some early peas. I envy you. Maybe next year I will be right there with you! 

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