Thursday, June 4, 2009

Invaders in the garden!

While checking my garden this morning I notices to interesting things - "footprints" in the garden and random seedlings I didn't recognize. 

My first thought on the footprints was that the dogs had gotten in, however looking more closely I am sure it is rabbits, dag nabbit! Tops of some bean plants and lettuce were nibbled. Didn't have this problem last year because my raised bed was 22 inches high and rabbits couldn't get in. 

The other issue of the mysterious seedlings - the weed cloth should keep virtually all weeds out of the garden so where did these seeds blow in from? Then I thought about how I was not as pleased with the cotton burr compost I had purchased from Home Depot. It wasn't as fine and didn't seem as composted as what I had purchased from Suburban Lawn and Garden last year (Nature's Best brand last year). I decided that I must be finding cotton seedlings. I did a search on the internet and sure enough a match. Dang! Rabbits and cottom seedlings two uninvited guests. I had a talk with the bassets since they are bred to be rabbit hunters...maybe that will help. Ha! And I will start searching for some natural repellants and think about adding a barrier of some sort. I really don't want to fence in the garden.  Let me know if you have any ideas. Just add to the comments to this post. Thanks!
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