Sunday, November 24, 2013

Food by the Inch - part one: SPROUTS

Growing your own food does not have to be a big production. The challenge is to make growing food part of your lifestyle. I have experimented with Square-foot Gardening and love the raised beds. Now I am looking for more ways to grow my food especially in what would  traditionally be the down season. My goal is to find as many ways as possible to grow my food inside and outside the home.

This is where square-foot gardening becomes square inch gardening. It is the micro garden!

Sprouts are a natural way to easily grow your food in all seasons of year. You probably have most of the equipment you need already in your kitchen. I use canning jars or other widemouth food jars saved from canned peaches or pears. I've also purchased food grade rubber bands which I use to attach a cut square of cheesecloth to the open mouth of the jar. Beyond this all you need is water and organically produced non-GMO seeds.

To begin my seeds sprouting adventure, I purchased a sampler pack from I have found that it is super easy to grow my own sprouts and have been enjoying sprouts this past week in sandwiches, salads and juiced with kale, cider and grapes.

My Great Green Juice
One cup unfiltered apple cider
Two handfulls chopped fresh kale
15 to 20 large red grapes
One cup clover sprouts
Eight ice cubes.

Add all ingredients to a Vitamix or comparable food processor and blend until liquified.

How to Grow Your Own Sprouts

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