Monday, June 23, 2008

Shopping for Plants

No Luck with Veggies at the Local Garden Center

12:45 PM - Busy schedules and gardening creates conflicts! I just went shopping today. I knew I was starting really late when I began this project but should have bought plants last weekend. This weekend was "Double-Dip Beethoven" with the KC Chamber Orchestra and a full 13-hour day at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. We had a great time with friends from Brian's work - even though Brian managed to wipe-out on Aruba Tuba and we collided heads on Hurricane Falls and despite all of Brian's P.R. I am still a hold-out on the Mamba. In 10 years I have never experienced the thrill of the Mamba. The summer is still young, I may yet take the 200 foot plunge.

However: You play, you pay. Now my veggie garden may be limited to herbs...I love herbs, but was really counting on some tomatoes and peppers too!

The local garden center, The Family Tree Nursery has no more vegetable plants, so I bought herbs and also seeds for 3 varieties of beans, okra, collard greens, and cilantro. We will be going to Home Depot this evening and I think there is a chance to pick up some tomato plants there still.

Our local Hen House has started a Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, so I am thinking that may be our best bet for fresh, local veggies this summer along with a few trips to one of 18 farmers markets we have in the area.

Home Depot still has veggies!

9:30 PM - Home Depot saved the day with several vegetables to choose from. I purchased 4 tomato plants, 2 eggplants, 1 zucchini, 1 cucumber, 3 pepper plants and a globe basil from the Depot.

Since I had already purchased herbs earlier in the day, my new problem is too many plants for the raised bed! At Family Tree Nursery I bought 6 basil plants, 2 rosemary, 2 parsley, 3 oregano, and two Salad Burnet.

We also decided to join the CSA program at Hen House. By joining the CSA we help support local farmers. The membership included a nice cookbook which is an exclusive for the CSA, a t-shirt, and two cloth shopping bags. Looks like a fail-proof plan to have local veggies this summer.

Here is the first picture of the planted raised bed.

It's too bad we don't have a video camera because I am pretty sure my wrestling match with my new garden soaker hose would have been a winner on Funniest Home Videos. I did prevail and managed to install 50' of soaker hose in my 4' x 8' garden. It was when I finally got it in place that Brian informed me the that the garden nozzle had been stuck to the end of our regular hose since last summer and he had never been able to get it off. The rubber hose is to be connected to the soaker hose. We both tried and failed this evening to remove the nozzle, so I add to my list of garden purchases a 100' garden hose -- tomorrow. (I found that I could buy a brass connector to fix the hose, cost $2.50. It was an easy repair. I simply cut off the end of the hose with nozzle attached, and added the new connector. This saved me about $46.)

We bought a water timer that I will attach to the faucet that allows you to set up an automatic watering program. It was $24 but I feel after the investment I have in vegetable and herb plants it is worth the investment and may save the day for my plants while we are at our family reunion this summer. I set the timer to start the water every 12 hours, so at 6 AM and 6 PM the garden soaker will run for 60 minutes.

Now it is time to shower off all the dirt and "hit the hay." Good night all!

One last thing...I just ordered 2,000 red wrigglers from Uncle Jim!


P.Price said...

Do you have a local farmer's market? Ours had a sizeable tomato plant in a pot...two of them, actually...early in the day last week.

anajz said...

Oh I love the Hen House Market. I had never even heard of it until our visit there two weeks ago. I only had two hours in the city, and I didn't discover it until the last half hour. For our subsequent trip this past weekend, I prepared for it and was able to spend a bit more time. They had lovely heirloom tomatoes in all shapes, colors, and varieties available for $3.99 lb.
You would think with us living in a rural area, that CSAs would be available here, but there are no active ones within a couple of hundred miles.
I remember seeing several vegetable plants available at the WalMart garden center in Wichita when we came through the other day. Maybe one in KC would still have something.

Blog Editor said...

Yes we have over 18 farmers market in the Kansas City metro area. We are very fortunate in that! Of course the mother of all farmers markets is the City Market in the River Market area just north of downtown. I believe it is the third largest in the country. If you visit KC on a Saturday morning visit the City Market. It is a real treat! -Joy

Blog Editor said...

Anajz - I actually found some heritage plants at Home Depot and bought a heritage tomato plant! Now I have to read up on how to save some seeds for next year and to pass on to friends!

I hope to plant more heritage plants and start seed saving!

- Joy

Barbee' said...

Hello, I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. I started with the newest and worked my way down to here. Just wanted to say hi, and I am enjoying my read. I love seeing how other gardeners do things and see their ideas and ingenuity. Very interested in your raised bed and red worms, etc. Keep up the good work.

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